Is Belgium Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Belgium is a charming European country that offers a lot to its visitors, including solo female travelers. It’s a small European country nestled between Germany and France, which often goes unnoticed by travelers. 

I also ignored Belgium from 2015 to 2019 while traveling in Europe but after 2021 I visited Belgium and I fell in love with Belgium’s Chocolates and waffles. Although Beer is also famous, I avoid drinking any type of alcoholic drink.

However, this hidden gem is bursting with diversity, culture, and charm that make it a must-visit destination. From its vibrant art scene to its culinary delights, there are countless reasons why everyone should visit Belgium at least once in their lifetime.

If you make your mind to visit Belgium as Solo female Travellers, then this article might be helpful for you.

Is Belgium Safe for solo female Travellers?

Safety is a crucial concern for any traveler, especially for solo female travelers. Fortunately, Belgium has a good reputation for safety, and women can feel relatively secure while exploring the country.

The crime rates in Belgium are relatively low compared to other European countries, and violent crimes are rarely reported. However, it’s always wise to take basic safety precautions, such as staying alert and being cautious of pickpockets in crowded areas.

Moreover, Belgium is known for its gender equality and women’s rights. The country values the empowerment of women and strives for equality in all aspects of life.

This cultural mindset contributes to the overall safety and respect that solo female travelers can experience in Belgium.

Belgium is strong country for women as per these solo female safety index. These rating is 100% manually checked and 2023 updated.

Global Peace Index Rating1.523
Female Homicide Victims1.4
Women Inclusion, justice and Security0.902
Women who feel Safe Walking Alone At night58%
Safety Index Score Numbero54.62
Attitude towards violence against women2.0%
Laws on Domestic violence0.5
Women who have experienced violence24%
Societal Safety and Security Score1.81

Best Time to Visit Belgium

When planning your trip to Belgium, it’s essential to consider the best time to visit. The weather plays a significant role in determining the ideal time for traveling. 

Belgium experiences a temperate maritime climate, characterized by mild summers and cool winters. 

The months from May to September are generally pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius (59 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit). This period allows you to enjoy outdoor activities comfortably.

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Additionally, Belgium hosts various festivals and events throughout the year. From the colorful Flower Carpet in Brussels to beer festivals in Ghent and chocolate fairs in Bruges, there is always something exciting happening in Belgium. 

However, keep in mind that these events can attract large crowds, so if you prefer a more tranquil experience, consider planning your visit during shoulder seasons.

Things to Do in Belgium

Belgium offers a wide array of activities and attractions for solo female travelers. Here are some must-visit places and experiences that should not be missed:

Explore the Historic Center of Brussels: Discover the magnificent Grand Place, stroll through the charming streets of the Old Town, and visit iconic landmarks like Manneken Pis and Atomium.

Visit the Fairy Tale City of Bruges: Take a boat ride on the picturesque canals, admire the medieval architecture, and indulge in delicious Belgian waffles.

Taste Belgian Chocolate and Beer: Belgium is renowned for its exquisite chocolates and world-class beers. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit chocolate shops and breweries for a delightful culinary experience.

Discover the Artistic Heritage of Ghent: Explore the medieval city center, admire the stunning Saint Bavo’s Cathedral, and immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene.

Take a Cycling Tour through the Flemish Countryside: Rent a bicycle and pedal your way through charming villages, beautiful countryside landscapes, and picturesque windmills.

Pros of Visiting Belgium

There are numerous advantages to traveling to Belgium, including:

  1. Efficient Public Transportation: Belgium has an excellent public transportation system, making it easy to navigate and explore cities and regions efficiently.
  2. Delicious Culinary Experience: Belgian cuisine is a food lover’s paradise. From mouthwatering chocolates to delectable waffles and a wide variety of beers, you’ll indulge in unforgettable culinary delights.
  3. Stunning Architecture and Landscapes: Belgium boasts magnificent architecture, ranging from gothic cathedrals to art nouveau buildings. Additionally, the country’s diverse landscapes offer breathtaking views, whether it’s the lush countryside or the sandy beaches of the Belgian coast.

Cons of Visiting Belgium

While Belgium has numerous attractions, there are a few drawbacks that travelers should be aware of:

  1. High Cost of Living: Belgium is known for being relatively expensive, especially in major cities. Accommodation, dining, and transportation costs can add up quickly, impacting your budget.
  2. Rainy Weather at Times: Belgium’s maritime climate means that rain showers can occur throughout the year. It’s essential to pack appropriately and be prepared for occasional rainfall.
  3. Touristy Areas Can Get Crowded: Especially during the peak tourist season, popular attractions and cities can get crowded. If you prefer a more tranquil experience, consider visiting during the off-peak seasons.

Emergency Contacts and Resources

It’s crucial to have access to emergency contacts and resources, just in case. Save the following numbers on your phone or carry them with you:

  • Police Emergency: 101
  • Medical Emergency: 112 ( valid throughout the European Union)
  • Medical Emergency in Belgium: 100
  • Tourist Police: +32 2 508 61 11
  • Your country’s embassy or consulate in Belgium

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the location of hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies near your accommodation. I highly recommed to women write these numbers on paper and also save on your phone.


Belgium provides a safe and enriching experience for solo female travelers. Its low crime rates, gender equality, and women’s rights make it an ideal destination for women exploring the country on their own. 

From the historical richness and cultural diversity to the stunning architecture and landscapes, Belgium has something for everyone.

Whether enjoying the picturesque canals of Bruges, indulging in delicious Belgian chocolates, or immersing yourself in the vibrant art scene of Ghent, Belgium offers unforgettable experiences.

So pack your bags, plan your trip, and get ready to create lifelong memories in the heart of Europe.