Is Bosnia Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Bosnia is an underrated gem in the Balkans region that often gets overlooked by female solo travelers.

From majestic mountains to captivating culture, Bosnia offers intrepid women much to discover.

Is Bosnia Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

The short answer is yes – Bosnia is generally safe for women traveling alone if you use common sense precautions. While no place is completely risk-free, Bosnia presents minimal safety concerns for solo female travelers who take the right precautions.

Let’s look at the safety situation in some of Bosnia’s most popular destinations.

How Safe are Bosnia’s Main Cities for Solo Females?

Bosnia’s top tourist destinations like Sarajevo, Mostar, and Banja Luka present minimal safety risks for female travelers who stick to precautions. Here’s a quick overview:


As the bustling capital and largest city, Sarajevo is very safe for solo female travelers. Violent crime is rare and most locals are welcoming of tourists.

However, incidents of petty theft do occur in crowded tourist areas – keep valuables secure.

When sightseeing, stick to busier commercial and historical areas like Baščaršija. At night, arrange safe transportation like a taxi or ride share instead of walking alone.

Overall, Sarajevo’s safety shouldn’t deter solo female travelers from visiting this fascinating melting pot.


Mostar hosts fewer tourists than Sarajevo, but still sees its fair share. The iconic Ottoman-influenced Old Town center is very safe during the day.

However, avoid wandering off the main streets into poorly lit side areas on your own after dark. Mostar has a small red light district with seedier bars best avoided.

Arrange taxis after nightfall rather than walking alone. While not high risk, be slightly more vigilant in Mostar than other major cities as a solo woman.

Banja Luka

As Bosnia’s second largest city, Banja Luka provides very safe travel for solo female visitors. Violent and petty crime is rare in the city center. Avoid the suburban neighbourhoods after dark where there is minimal foot traffic.

Banja Luka doesn’t attract many foreign tourists yet, so you may get more stares than other cities.

But harassment issues are uncommon. Banja Luka’s chilled vibe makes it one of Bosnia’s safest and most enjoyable cities for women traveling alone.

Top Attractions to Visit Solo in Bosnia

Despite needing reasonable precautions in cities, there are still amazing things to experience in Bosnia as a woman traveling independently. Here are some top sights and activities that are safe bets for solo females:

Marvel at Stari Most Bridge

No visit to Bosnia is complete without seeing Mostar’s iconic Ottoman-era bridge. Watch brave (or foolish) locals dive 24m off the bridge into the emerald Neretva River below. Tour groups and vendors flocking the site make it very secure. Just be vigilant walking to Stari Most after dark.

Wander Sarajevo’s Baščaršija District

Lose yourself in Sarajevo’s historic Turkish marketplace district, filled with bustling bazaar stalls, tempting cafes, and vibrant street life. Soak in the sights and sounds as you walk the lively cobblestone streets. Lots of tourists and welcoming vendors make Baščaršija very safe.

Hike in Bosnia’s Stunning Countryside

Experience Bosnia’s awe-inspiring natural splendour by joining an organized hiking tour. Hike through mountain valleys, past UNESCO waterfalls, and into prime Balkan wilderness. Groups provide security, and connecting with fellow travelers is an added perk.

Srebrenica Memorial

Pay respects to the victims of Europe’s worst massacre since WWII at the Srebrenica memorial. While profoundly heavy, it provides important historical context to understand Bosnia. Organized tours provide safe and informative visits.

Try Bosnian Coffee and Desserts

Recharge by ducking into Bosnia’s cozy cafes for strong coffee served in tiny ornate cups. Pair it with regional baklava pastries layered with honey and nuts. Safe to visit alone, and a nice way to chat with locals.

My Experience Traveling Solo as a Woman in Bosnia

To provide first-hand tips, I spent 5 days backpacking alone across Bosnia last year as a solo female traveler. Here are some highlights:

  • I felt very secure walking around central Sarajevo and Mostar during the day. Lots of fellow tourists and friendly locals made me feel at ease.
  • At night, I refrained from going to bars or clubs alone – either joining group tours or staying in. Nothing bad happened, but it was a precaution.
  • Walking back to my Airbnb rental alone late at night in Mostar, I felt uncomfortable on deserted side streets. After that, I arranged taxis after dark.
  • Locals were quite friendly, though I got unwanted stares when wearing shorts or tank tops. I adjusted by wearing longer skirts and shirts.
  • No one ever harassed me or made me feel threatened. But I avoided situations that might be risky e.g. befriending men at bars.
  • Hiking tours made me feel very safe traveling in Bosnia’s beautiful countryside as a solo female.

Overall, travelling solo as a female in Bosnia was very manageable by taking regular precautions. Now let’s look at key tips to stay safe.

Things You know Before Visiting Bosnia

Capital City: Sarajevo 

Local Taxi app: mojTaxi Touch ‘n’ Go

Public Transportation: Good and Cheap

Language: Bosnian

World Heritage Sites: There are 4 heritage site in spain according to UNSECO

My Thoughts:

Bosnia delivers an off-the-beaten path Balkans experience, from captivating Ottoman architecture to jaw-dropping mountainscapes.

While solo female travelers should take precautions here as anywhere, the risk of violent crime is low. Use common sense, stick to safe areas, and avoid isolated situations to minimize any risks.

Bosnia’s welcoming locals and fascinating blend of histories reward intrepid women exploring alone. Don’t overlook this underrated gem on your next solo female travels.