Is Bulgaria Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Bulgaria is an underrated destination that often gets overlooked by travelers. From its beautiful Black Sea coastline to the historic charm of cities like Sofia and Plovdiv, it has so much to offer visitors.

However, as a solo female traveler, safety should always be a top consideration when choosing destinations.

Is Bulgaria safe for solo female travelers?

The short answer is yes, Bulgaria is generally very safe for women traveling alone. Violent crime rates are low, even in the major cities, and tourists rarely encounter problems beyond petty theft. However, exercising normal precautions will help ensure your trip goes smoothly.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll give an overview of safety in Bulgaria, highlight the top safest cities for solo female travelers, provide safety tips for getting around, and outline precautions to take against scams.

I’ll also give nightlife safety tips and final advice to make sure your trip is full of amazing memories, not unwanted incidents.

Why Bulgaria Should Be On Your Solo Female Travel List

Before diving into safety specifics, it’s worth highlighting why Bulgaria deserves a spot on your solo travel wish list! From its fascinating blend of Eastern European and Mediterranean vibes to jaw-dropping nature like the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria delivers amazing value and experiences.

The welcoming locals, reasonable costs, great public transit, and mouthwatering cuisine are just a few more reasons to visit.

Outdoor enthusiasts can hike incredible trails, bird watch in pristine wetlands, or relax on beautiful Black Sea beaches. Families can enjoy kid-friendly resorts and waterparks near Golden Sands.

Sofia, Plovdiv, and Veliko Tarnovo give you th driving dose of culture with historic buildings, museums, and ruins that span the millennia.

But don’t overlook gems like Koprivshtitsa with its picturesque Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.

While Bulgaria sees fewer annual visitors compared to neighboring countries, that means you get all this incredible history and scenery without dealing with overwhelming crowds.

So don’t let safety concerns deter you. Use common sense and follow the tips below for an amazing solo adventure.

An Overview of Safety in Bulgaria for Solo Female Travelers

When assessing a destination’s safety, it helps to look at the big picture. Here are some key facts that show why Bulgaria is generally very secure for women traveling alone:

  • Low crime rates – Bulgaria has lower crime rates than most European nations and the United States according to Numbeo’s crime index. Violent crime is uncommon.
  • Tourist-friendly cities – Popular destinations like Sofia and Plovdiv have heavy tourist numbers. Local authorities focus on keeping these areas safe since tourism is a major income source.
  • Lack of organized crime – Bulgaria has very little presence of organized crime syndicates that target tourists compared to some other Eastern European countries. Violent scam rings are rare.
  • Helpful police – Bulgarian police have a solid reputation for being approachable and helpful, especially in the major cities. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you ever feel unsafe.
  • Streets feel secure – Bulgaria lacks that sense of underlying tension or urban neglect that signals “unsafe area.” Even poorer neighborhoods seem well-kept and friendly.

Of course every country has some risk. But Bulgaria’s low violent and petty crime rates mean solo female travelers can enjoy their trip without extra fear if they take normal safety precautions. Now let’s explore the top safest cities and regions to travel in Bulgaria as a woman alone.

Things You Know Before Visiting Bulgaria

Capital City: Sofia

Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Local Taxi app: TaxiMe, Taxi Maxim. (Uber is banned in Bulgaria)

Public Transportation: Good and inexpensive

National Language: Bulgarian

Famous Festivals: Fallas fiesta, Tomatina festival, San Fermín festival, Carnival celebrations

World Heritage Sites: There are 10 heritage site in Bulgaria according to UNSECO

Top 3 Safest Cities in Bulgaria for Solo Female Travel


Plovdiv is most travelers’ pick as the safest and most enjoyable city in Bulgaria for solo women. As the 2019 European Capital of Culture, Plovdiv has invested in revitalizing its appearance and tourist infrastructure.

The charming cobblestone lanes and 18th-19th century Bulgarian Renaissance buildings of the Old Town feel worlds away from dangerous urban areas. You can even walk safely here late at night thanks to tourists and lively restaurants.

Beyond its historic beauty and relaxing cafes, Plovdiv lies conveniently close to the picturesque Rhodope Mountains, Chirpan wineries, and Bachkovo Monastery. This makes Plovdiv a perfect base for day excursions.

Solo travelers appreciate Plovdiv’s walkability, affordable food scene, and English-speaking locals. The main train and bus stations are also centrally located, minimizing long walks in isolated areas.

For accommodation, stick close to the pedestrian center. Hotels like Hebros Hotel or Hostel Old Plovdiv get fantastic reviews.


As Bulgaria’s capital and largest city, Sofia offers an amazing array of historical sights and museums within a modern metropolis.

Solo travelers love exploring landmarks like the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and monuments from ancient Serdica’s days as a Roman settlement.

Sofia has more risks than smaller towns, but violent crime rates remain pleasingly low. Standard precautions apply:

  • Stick to well-lit major streets at night. Avoid poorly lit side areas.
  • Use registered taxi companies like OK Supertrans. Ask your hotel for recommended companies.
  • Keep valuables tucked away to avoid pickpockets, especially around areas like Lions Bridge.
  • Don’t wander into impoverished neighborhoods like Fakulteta late at night when few people are around.

Sofia has more tourism infrastructure than anywhere else in Bulgaria. The airport and train connections make it very accessible. Neighborhoods like Lozenets, Oborishte, and the area around Vitosha Boulevard have great nightlife and restaurant options for solo travelers while feeling completely safe.


The coastal city of Varna makes an excellent solo travel destination during the warmer months. As Bulgaria’s third largest city, it provides plenty of tourist infrastructure.

The extensive beaches and summer festivals also mean the city has a lively ambiance.

Varna knows how much it benefits from tourism. You’ll notice a strong police presence, especially along crowded streets like pedestrian-only Primorski Boulevard.

This tourist police force helps deter harassment and petty crime.

The well-lit seaside resorts with hotels and restaurants catering to foreigners are extra safe. Avoid the train station area at night.

Take registered taxis like TaxiMe, Taxi Maxim or check if your hotel has an arrangement with a company. For lodging, the hotels in the City Garden area put you within walking distance of top sights.

Staying Safe from Common Tourist Scams

Beyond violent crime, solo travelers do need to be wary of pickpockets and scam schemes that target foreigners. Here are some common tricks and how to avoid them:

Currency Exchange Scams

  • Avoid people on the street offering to illegally exchange currency who claim they’ll give you a better rate than the banks or airport booths. This is always a scam.
  • Do currency conversions only inside reputable banks or the registered exchange booths at airports/bus-train stations. Look for the logos of major networks like Travelex.
  • Don’t exchange money at your hotel either. The rates are awful.

Rigged Taxi Meters

  • Unscrupulous taxi drivers may have fixed their meter to rack up the price far faster than the actual distance traveled.
  • That’s why it’s essential to call for a cab through your hotel or a verified company like OK Supertrans where their meters are regulated.
  • Avoid hailing random cabs on the street.
  • If the meter price seems crazy high for the distance, point this out firmly to the driver and give them a reduced amount (still reasonable) in Bulgarian leva. Get out quickly.

Bar or Restaurant Scams

  • Some waiters or bartenders will tell you menu items are priced per person when they are actually the total price. This often happens to solo diners. Clarify the listed price is for the entire dish, not per person.
  • Keep your card or cash in view when paying the bill. Some staff may try sleight of hand tricks when taking your payment.
  • At bars, watch your drink being poured and don’t let it out of your sight. Don’t accept random drinks sent over by strangers either.

Fake Police

  • Criminals sometimes pose as police officers to get tourists to hand over wallets and valuables.
  • Legitimate police will never demand bribes or payment of fines on the spot. Ask to see their credentials if unsure.
  • Drive to a real police station if you are told you have a serious infraction instead of paying on the street. A real cop won’t object to that.

Destraction Thefts

  • Pickpockets work in teams. One person may ask you an odd question or create a sudden disruption to distract you while their partner steals your wallet or phone.
  • Keep valuables in an under-clothes security pouch and don’t engage with odd distractions. Just keep moving purposefully.

Is Bulgaria’s Nightlife Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

What about hitting Bulgaria’s nightlife scene? Bars and clubs inherently carry some extra solo travel risks due to alcohol and crowds. But basic precautions let you party safely:

At Bars & Clubs:

  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers. Watch all drinks being prepared.
  • Don’t leave drinks unattended on the bar or table, even to use the bathroom. They can be spiked quickly.
  • If going alone, consider wearing a fake wedding ring to deter harassment.
  • If a man is making you uncomfortable, be firm. Don’t worry about coming across as impolite. Alert staff if needed.
  • Arrange a safe way home, whether your hotel, a reputable taxi, or staying with trustworthy locals. Don’t wander the streets alone at night, even if staying nearby.

In General at Night:

  • Use ATMs in secure, well-lit locations only. Avoid ones down empty streets or alleys.
  • Stick to central, well-lit streets even if it means a few more minutes of walking to get home. Avoid shortcuts down dark side roads.
  • Walk with confidence and purpose, even if you feel nervous inside.
  • If walking feels unsafe, take a registered taxi even for short distances.

My Thoughts:

The main point? is Bulgaria safe for solo female travelers? Yes, It’s a safe and captivating destination with endless things to see and do. Just use good judgment and take the right precautions to keep your solo travels smooth and problem-free.

Expect an incredible experience that leaves you longing to return and explore more of Bulgaria’s treasures. Feel free to reach out if you have any other Bulgarian safety questions!