Is Finland Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Yes, Finland is safe for solo female travelers due to its low crime rate and commitment to women’s rights. While it may be relatively expensive and have harsh winters, the overall safety and welcoming atmosphere make it a great choice for women exploring the country solo.

Low Crime Rate:

Finland consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. Its low crime rate and social stability contribute to a safe environment for travelers.

Respect for Women’s Rights:

Finland is known for its strong commitment to gender equality and women’s rights. Women in Finland enjoy a high degree of personal freedom and respect.

Public Safety:

Finnish cities have well-maintained public spaces and efficient public transportation, which contribute to a sense of security, even when traveling alone.

Minimal Health Risks:

Finland has a well-developed healthcare system, reducing health-related concerns for travelers.

Pros of Solo Female Travel in Finland:


Finland’s low crime rate makes it an excellent choice for solo female travelers.

Gender Equality:

Finnish society values gender equality, leading to a respectful and inclusive atmosphere.

English Proficiency:

Many Finns speak English fluently, making communication easy for international travelers.

Natural Beauty:

Finland’s stunning landscapes, including the Northern Lights, offer unique and safe outdoor experiences.

Efficient Transportation:

Reliable public transportation and well-marked hiking trails make getting around easy.

Cons of Solo Female Travel in Finland:


Finland is known for its high cost of living, which may make travel relatively expensive.


Harsh winters and limited daylight hours during certain seasons can affect travel plans and comfort.

Language Barrier:

While English is widely spoken, you may still encounter situations where language can be a minor barrier.

Limited Nightlife:

Nightlife in Finland can be relatively quiet, which may not suit travelers seeking a vibrant party scene.


Finland is a safe and welcoming destination for solo female travelers. With its low crime rate, strong women’s rights, and beautiful natural landscapes, it offers an enriching and secure travel experience.

While it may come with some cons like higher costs and challenging weather, the pros far outweigh the cons, making Finland an excellent choice for solo female adventurers.