is france safe for solo female travellers

France is considered one of the safest countries in the world for solo female travelers. The low violent crime rates, respectable treatment of women, and excellent public transportation make France a top destination for women traveling alone.

According to Solo Women Travel Safety Index, France ranked in 10th postion out of 70 countries and has 8/10 women safety score.

Following are the factors Behind the women Safety Score.

France Global Peace Index Rating1.939
France Female Homicide Victims0.7
Women Inclusion, justice and Security0.864
Women feel Safe Walking Alone At night in France65%
France Safety Index Score Numbero47.59
Attitude towards violence against women6.6%
Laws on Domestic violence in France0.3
Women who experienced violence in France26%
Societal Safety and Security Score1.87

OverAll women safety score of France is 8/10.

Things you Know Before Visiting France:

Capital: Paris

National Language: French

Local Taxi app: G7, Bolt, Uber, Heetch

Public Transport: France has bus and trams for public transport and it is good and less expensive as compare to taxi ride.

World Heritage Sites: Unesco listed France 52 Heritage sites

Basic French Words/Phrases:

  • Salut: Hello
  • Oui: Yes
  • Merci: Thank you
  • Le marché: Market
  • Les Magasins: Shops
  • L’auberge: Hostel
  • Métro: Subway
  • Voiture: Car
  • Billet: Ticket
  • Gare: Train station
  • Eau: Water
  • Pain: Bread
  • Viande: Meat

Use mondly to learn more about french language.

Currency: Euro

5 Must Visit Places in France

Here are 5 great places in France for women to visit:

  1. Paris – The capital and most romantic city in France. Stroll the streets, see the Eiffel Tower, visit museums, and shop. Great food and cafes too.
  2. Provence – The picturesque region in southeastern France famous for its Lavender fields, hilltop villages, and Mediterranean climate. Relaxing and beautiful.
  3. French Riviera – The stunning Mediterranean coastline with glamorous cities like Nice, Cannes, and Saint-Tropez. Soak up the sun on beautiful beaches and enjoy the ritzy coastal life.
  4. Loire Valley – Known for its many majestic castles like Chambord and Chenonceau. A perfect place for history and architecture buffs to explore. Great wine too.
  5. Lyon – France’s food capital with many Michelin-star restaurants, bustling markets, and a vibrant culture. The old town is also a UNESCO site. Shop, dine, and experience true French cuisine.

Travel Advice:

Some tips when visiting these places as a woman: be aware of your surroundings especially at night, stick to public/well lit areas, consider traveling with a companion if possible, dress modestly when visiting churches, and avoid walking alone late at night. Enjoy the amazing sights, food, and culture!