Is Hungary Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Hungary is considered a safe destination for travelers, including solo female travelers. The crime rate is relatively low, having a 1.508 Global Peace indexing score making it a comfortable place to explore. However, it’s essential to stay careful, especially in crowded areas, as petty crimes like pickpocketing can happen in any tourist destination.

Global Peace Index Rating1.508
Female Homicide Victims1.4
Women Inclusion, justice and Security0.835
Women who feel Safe Walking Alone At night46%
Safety Index Score Numbero65.71
Attitude towards violence against women8.7%
Laws on Domestic violence0.8
Women who have experienced violence21%
Societal Safety and Security Score1.53

I visited Hungary back in 2019 and Loved Hungary Thermal Bath.

Hungary Safety Reviews:

Name: Harper Mia     Age: 23:      Citizen: American      Travel Type: Solo Female

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Budapest in 2022 and my whole tour as solo female was amazing. I just want to tell you that
hungary is incredible country for women tourist.
Name: Shezi      Age: 32:      Citizen: Uk      Travel Type: Solo Female

Loved Hungary Thermal Bath. My experience with Hungary food was not good. But overall experience was good

More About Hungary As solo Female Traveller coming soong