Is Lithuania Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Lithuania conjures images of medieval old towns, lush forests, and breezy Baltic seasides.

As an underrated destination, Lithuania provides all the charm of Western Europe, with fewer tourists. This makes Lithuania an appealing place for solo female travelers seeking beauty without the crowds.

However, the question remains: is Lithuania safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Lithuania is generally considered safe for solo female travelers. The country boasts a low crime rate and is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Whether you’re exploring the historic streets of Vilnius, wandering through nature reserves, or enjoying the coastal beauty, Lithuania provides a secure environment for solo female travelers.

In this detailed guide, I’ll share:

  • An overview of safety in Lithuania
  • The 3 safest cities for solo female travelers
  • Top things to do in Lithuania
  • My personal experience traveling solo as a woman
  • Tip For Enjoying Night Life
  • Plus plenty of reassurance that Lithuania deserves a spot on your bucket list!

After reading, you’ll feel equipped to travel safely and confidently by yourself in Lithuania. Let’s dive in!

Overview of Safety in Lithuania

Lithuania maintains low violent crime and murder rates, especially compared to other European countries.

In recent years, Lithuania’s major cities have invested in tourism infrastructure, improving safety.

Well-lit streets, cosmopolitan cafes, and lively pedestrian areas mean you can enjoy Lithuania’s beauty with peace of mind.

Petty crime like pickpocketing or bag snatching can occur in crowded tourist spots, as in any major European city. Using common sense will help deter most petty theft.

Violent crime and crimes specifically targeting female tourists are rare in Lithuania. There are no reports of drink spiking or attacks on women, as in some other Eastern European countries.

Overall, Lithuania’s reputation as a safe destination makes it ideal for solo female travelers.

The main cities feel no less safe than destinations like Copenhagen, Stockholm, or Berlin. Simply take the same common sense precautions as you would anywhere.

Things You Know Before Visiting Lithuania

Capital City: Vilnius 

Local Taxi app: eTaksi

Public Transportation: Good and Cheap

National Language: Lithuanian

Currency: Euro

World Heritage Sites: There are 5 heritage site in Lithuania according to UNSECO

The 3 Safest Cities in Lithuania for Solo Female Travelers


As the cosmopolitan capital and largest city, Vilnius offers endless sights, entertainment, and dining for solo travelers.

Vilnius Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning Baroque architecture. Get happily lost wandering narrow cobblestone lanes lined with terraced cafes.

For sunset views, hike 10 minutes uphill to Gediminas Tower on Castle Hill. Vilnius University and the striking whitewashed Cathedral Square also shouldn’t be missed.

Vilnius has invested heavily in tourism infrastructure, with well-lit streets, safe public transit, and pedestrian areas around Old Town. Violent crime is extremely rare. Exercise the usual precautions for pickpocketing in crowded spots.

Stay in the touristy Old Town or along Gedimino Prospektas, a main thoroughfare with many hotels and restaurants. Avoid the desolate train station area at night. But overall, Vilnius feels easy to navigate safely as a solo female.


This picturesque town 25km from Vilnius makes an ideal day or weekend trip. Trakai Island Castle is the stunning centerpiece, located on an island in a lake.

Wander the wooden bridges and watch for kayakers passing under stone arches. Trakai’s location on the lake gives it a serene, isolated feel, but it’s heavily geared to tourism.

Trakai offers a slower pace than Vilnius with quaint lakeside restaurants and handicraft boutiques. Well-lit paths and streets encircle the lake, considered very safe at night. Trakai is small enough to easily stay oriented and walk everywhere comfortably.

Stay right on the lake at hotels like Hotel Julija or Galve Lake Hotel for gorgeous views. Trakai is very walkable so you won’t need public transit often.


On the Baltic Sea coast, Klaipeda charms visitors with beaches, seafood, and German-influenced architecture. Travelers love the laidback seaside vibe and pedestrian Old Town.

Wander narrow alleyways with cozy cafes and boutiques in wooden buildings. Check out sites like the Theater Square and the bizzare sculpture park with Soviet monuments. Then relax at an outdoor bar on the main drag, Tiltu gatve.

At night, much social life centers along the coast. Post-dinner, walk along the well-lit harbor and beaches. Klaipeda is very safe even late with lots of restaurants open late.

For accommodations, stay right in Old Town or closer to the harbor for convenience. Klaipeda has a small-town character but enough tourism to make nighttime wanderings feel perfectly secure.

Top Things to Do in Lithuania for Solo Female Travelers

Marvel at Trakai Island Castle

This ornate red brick castle perched on an island makes the perfect day trip from Vilnius. Trakai Castle dates to the 1300s when constructed by the Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Walk the perimeter of the island, crossing arched bridges, to see the castle from all angles. Inside, ogle at painstakingly restored frescoes, the Grand Hall, Ducal Hall, and archaeological displays in the History Museum.

Wander back to the peninsula along the lakeshore path. Have lunch at one of the waterside restaurants, and don’t miss trying the specialty dish kibinai, akin to Cornish pasties.

With crowds in summer and excellent lighting, you’ll feel comfortable lingering for sunset over the glassy lake waters.

Wander Curonian Spit National Park

This thin peninsula separates the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. Pine forests populated with elk and deer cover the Curonian Spit.

Start your visit in Nida, a hub on the spit with restaurants, shops, and bicycle rentals. Pedal along the well-maintained bike paths into the peaceful forest.

Stop at the steep sand dunes or the Hill of Witches featuring carved wooden sculptures based on Lithuanian folklore.

You’ll find clean bathrooms, drinking fountains, and emergency phones dotted along the paths. The routes also have markers to help orient yourself.

Visitors of all ages frequent the park during the day. Stay on marked paths and avoid venturing into dense forest alone after dark.

Soak up Seaside Vibes in Klaipeda

Lithuania’s main beach town charms with famed amber boutiques, fresh seafood, German architecture, and lively nightlife.

Walk along the harbor and check out the beach before a sunset stroll along the pedestrians-only Tiltu gatve (Bridge Street).

Look for sculptures dotted around Old Town and antique shops on Tiltu gatve.

Grab dinner on the waterfront at restaurants like Forto Dvaras or National before heading to a local bar or club open late. Jazz nights at Idzio Mazasis Teatras are a favorite.

Klaipeda has a youthful arts scene and student population that keeps the city active and fun for solo night owls.

Visit the Hill of Crosses

This Catholic pilgrimage site sits just outside Siauliai. Covering a small hill, over 100,000 crosses have been left here by Catholic pilgrims over the years.

Some crosses bear poignant inscriptions, while others feature intricate carvings and decorations. Climb the steps to the top for views over a breathtaking sea of crosses.

While remote, tourist police patrol the area and large groups often visit by bus. Stay on the marked paths rather than wandering off alone into the countryside. A unique place to admire this moving display of faith.

My Experience Traveling Solo as a Woman in Lithuania

As an experienced solo female traveler, I spent two weeks journeying through Lithuania a few years ago. I explored Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Trakai without any safety issues.

I felt perfectly comfortable wandering Vilnius Old Town late into the evening. The streets stayed populated with students and sightseers well after midnight during summer.

I bunked at friendly all-female dorms at hostels like Jimmy Jumps, which organizes great walking tours too.

Renting a car, I drove myself across Lithuania’s countryside without problems. Locals were consistently warm, offering directions whenever I looked lost!

On a few occasions, I went out for the night alone in Vilnius and Klaipeda. I stuck to lively areas in Old Town and along the harbors, using common sense about dark side streets.

Solo women simply need to take the same precautions as in any European capital.

While no place is 100% crime-free, Lithuania feels easy to navigate independently.

So fellow solo female travelers, do not rule out Lithuania out of safety concerns. With proper precautions, Lithuania offers a fairy-tale destination to comfortably savor alone.

Is Lithuania Safe at Night?

Lithuania’s major cities of Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda are safe for solo women even at night. These cities have well-lit streets, vibrant nightlife scenes, and active pedestrian areas that stay quite populated even late at night.

Tip For Enjoying Night Life

When going out at night anywhere, practice the usual common sense precautions. Don’t get so drunk you lose awareness. With these basics covered, you can comfortably enjoy Lithuania’s cities after dark.

Enjoy Exploring Beautiful Lithuania!

I hope this guide has reassured you that Lithuania is safe for solo female travelers who take reasonable precautions.

Lithuania provides all the history, culture, nature, and cuisine to savor without the overwhelming tourist crowds of Western Europe.

By using common sense, staying alert, and choosing safe accommodations, you can minimize any risks that exist. Don’t deprive yourself of the chance to explore this underrated Baltic gem.

Wherever your wanderlust takes you, always be cautious. But you now have the tips to traverse Lithuania wisely and safely as a solo woman. Have an amazing adventure! I’m happy to answer any other questions below.