Is Malta Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

As a solo female traveler, safety is always a top concern when choosing a destination.

Nothing can ruin a trip faster than feeling unsafe or on edge. You want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself without worrying!

So is Malta safe for solo female travelers? The short answer is yes, Malta is very safe overall for women traveling alone. With low violent crime rates, great infrastructure, and friendly locals, Malta provides a welcoming environment for solo female travelers. However, you still need to take normal safety precautions like being aware of petty crimes like pickpocketing in crowded tourist areas.

Overview of Safety in Malta for Solo Females

As an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has built a robust tourism industry catering to all types of travelers, including solo female travelers. Here’s a quick overview of factors that contribute to Malta’s reputation for safety:

  • Low violent crime rates – Malta has very low rates of violent crime, especially against tourists. Violent attacks or robberies involving weapons are extremely rare.
  • Quality infrastructure – Modern amenities like good roads, reliable public transportation, and widespread electricity make it easy to navigate the islands safely.
  • Mostly petty crimes – Pickpocketing and bag snatching are the most common crimes, especially in crowded tourist hot spots. Violent crimes are rare.
  • Friendly locals – The Maltese are very friendly hosts who are happy to help confused or lost tourists! Many locals speak English as well.
  • Heavy police presence – The police force is large for Malta’s size and officers patrol touristy areas heavily.

So while no destination is 100% crime-free, Malta is statistically very safe overall and solo female travelers can feel comfortable visiting. However, you should still take the same common sense safety precautions as you would anywhere.

3 Safest Destinations in Malta for Solo Females

While Malta is safe across the board, some destinations stand out for solo female travelers:


As the tiny capital city of Malta, Valletta has the most police and security presence on the island. The walled city also has plenty of bright lights, crowds, and activity to make walking around at night feel safer.

During the day, you can explore Baroque palaces, churches, museums, and wander the steep, winding streets.

At night, watch the city light up from cafe terraces while listening to street musicians play.

Valletta is extremely walkable and easy to navigate since the city is only 0.8 square km. The tall 16th century fortified walls also prevent anybody unwelcome from entering the city perimeter.


For a more laidback trip, head to Malta’s sister island Gozo. Gozo has less crowds, slower island life, and a more remote feel while still being very developed and safe.

The beaches here are beautiful and perfect for relaxing. Check out Ramla Bay with its red sand and nearby Calypso’s Cave grotto.

Gozo also has neolithic temples like Ggantija, quaint villages, hiking trails, and delicious seafood.

At night, visit Gozo’s main town Victoria for bars, shops, and entertainment. Wander the neighborhood of Fontana to see its illuminated winding alleys.

Overall Gozo provides a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere without sacrificing safety.


Tiny Comino island is barely inhabited, with only one small hotel on the entire island. But this remote atmosphere also enhances safety.

Comino sees most visitors during the daylight hours who come over on boats to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the famous Blue Lagoon. With virtually no one staying overnight, it would be extremely difficult for unwanted troublemakers to get to Comino.

Spend your time here snorkeling the crystal waters, sunbathing on the white sand beaches, kayaking, and walking the walking trails. Then return back to Malta or Gozo before nightfall.

Top Things to Do in Malta as a Solo Female

Malta offers endless interesting sights, activities, culture, history, and beauty to discover. Here are some top recommendations perfect for solo female travelers:

Explore Valletta

Valletta, the UNESCO World Heritage capital of Malta, is a must-visit. Spend days wandering this living museum of Baroque palaces, churches, gardens, and grand squares. Admire the 320 monuments within the city walls.

Stop for breaks at charming cafes like Caffe Cordina. Visit fascinating museums like the Co-Cathedral of St. John with its glittering gold interiors.

Snap photos of colorful Maltese balconies overflowing with plants and laundry lines.

Valletta reveals its history around every corner and provides plenty of safe public spots to enjoy it.

Take a Boat Trip to the Blue Grotto

Experience the stunning sea caves and rock formations of the Blue Grotto on a boat tour from Valletta or Gozo. Local boat captains lead trips out to the grotto where you’ll marvel at the bright blue waters glowing in the sunlight.

Inside massive caverns, you’ll float under ancient stalactites hanging from above.

Boat tours typically make swimming stops so you can jump in the refreshing sea or snorkel too. It’s a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery of the Maltese coastline.

Kayak to Comino’s Blue Lagoon

One of Malta’s most famous sights, the Blue Lagoon’s transparent turquoise waters never fail to impress.

Rent a kayak and paddle over to Comino Island for unique views of the lagoon, caves, and white sand beaches from the water.

Stopping to swim and snorkel in secluded coves along the way makes this a adventurous, must-do activity for active travelers. Most kayak rentals also provide dry bags to protect valuables.

Explore the Silent City of Mdina

In the quiet medieval fortress city of Mdina, time seems to move slower. Here you can walk the winding, narrow alleys in near solitude and stumble upon historic palaces and churches.

Mdina was Malta’s capital city for centuries before Valletta took over.

Don’t miss visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Baroque St. Peter’s Cathedral, grand Vilhena Palace, and walking the city walls.

The peaceful atmosphere offers a perfect change of pace.

Relax on Malta’s Best Beaches

Malta boasts no shortage of stunning beaches and swimming spots. Some top picks for solo female travelers include:

  • Golden Bay – Popular sandy beach with amenities, lifeguards, and plenty of people.
  • Gnejna Bay – More secluded but still safe with some families around.
  • Mellieha Bay – Malta’s largest sandy beach with beach clubs, restaurants, and activities.
  • St. Peter’s Pool – Picturesque natural swimming spot on the less developed western coast. Not overcrowded.
  • Popeye Village Beach – Next to an old film set, very safe, good amenities, not too crowded.

Experience the Nightlife in Paceville

Malta loves a good party and Paceville is the epicenter of nightlife. Bars, clubs, and restaurants line the streets in this lively district of St. Julian’s. Start at the open-air complex of St. George’s Square before hitting the clubs.

Be smart while out at night alone by watching your drink at all times, sticking to crowded venues, and getting back to your hotel via taxi or ride share after.

Malta’s lively nightlife scene is best enjoyed with other tourists or locals you meet.

Exploring Malta’s Nightlife Solo

Malta boasts a legendary nightlife scene. If you want to experience the clubs and bars, here are tips for safely enjoying the nightlife as a solo female traveler:


Paceville is the nightlife hub with packed bars and pumping dance clubs. Walk the streets to find the perfect vibe. Some popular spots include:

  • Havana Club – Open air Cuban-themed club with Latin music.
  • Ryde Nightclub – Huge disco-style club open late with DJs and themed nights.
  • Bedrock Bar – Rock music bar with live bands.

Start your night at lively open-air bars like the Backyard, Trabuxu, or Gianpula for drinks with a mix of tourists and locals. Ask bartenders for recommendations to find hidden local gems.

St. Julian’s

Adjacent Paceville, St. Julian’s also has a strip of bars, clubs, and pubs along the waterfront. Some top options:

  • Cafe Del Mar – Ibiza-style beach club/lounge with gorgeous sunset views.
  • Harbour Club – Open air bar with reggae and classic rock.
  • Gecko Lounge – Trendy bar popular with locals. Great cocktails.

Safety Tips

Some reminders for safety:

  • Only accept drinks directly from the bartender and watch them pour it.
  • Avoid wandering down dark, deserted streets at night. Stick to crowded areas.
  • Use licensed taxis or ride shares to get home, not random unmarked cars. Confirm the license plate and driver match.
  • Make a friend or go out with other travelers/locals you meet at your hotel or daily activities. Avoid going home alone.
  • If drinking, have a plan to ensure you don’t overdo it. Stay alert.

Low-Key Evenings

If nightclubs aren’t your scene, Malta also offers laidback evenings:

  • Wine bars – Sample Maltese wines at hole-in-the-wall local spots.
  • Harbor-front cafes – Sit waterside and people watch over coffee or dessert.
  • Restaurants – Malta has excellent dining. Splurge on a long dinner at a nice restaurant.
  • Rooftop hotel bars – Relax with a drink and enjoy city views from hotel rooftops like the Corinthia Palace.

What Solo Female Travelers Say About Malta

To get the real scoop about safety in Malta for solo female travelers, one of the best sources is reviews from women who have visited before. Here’s a sample of feedback on travel forums:

Very Positive Reviews

“I spent 5 days solo in Malta and always felt comfortable and safe, even at night. I stayed in Sliema and walked the harbor at midnight and felt fine. No problems as a single female.”

“You can walk anywhere in Malta at 3am and feel safe. I went to clubs alone and met friendly people. The Maltese are so nice too. Just avoid the party cities like Paceville if you go solo at night. Otherwise amazing trip!”

Good But With Minor Warnings

“Malta is safe but I recommend not going out late alone as a female. Taxis are best at night. Also be very careful of pickpockets! Keep your handbag zipped up. Those are my only warnings after a great solo trip.”

“Felt comfortable in touristy places but a few construction workers catcalled me in Valletta which was uncomfortable until I walked away from that area. No other issues though!”

Advice on Safety Precautions

“Malta is safe overall but be smart traveling alone. I avoided less populated areas and anything sketchy looking. Don’t let your guard down just because it seems safer.”

“Have an alert, confident attitude when out and you’ll be fine. Research where you’re going ahead of time. The usual solo female traveler advice applies.”

My Solo Female Travel Experience in Malta

To give my own perspective, I spent 8 days traveling alone in Malta as a solo female and found it very welcoming and secure. Here are highlights from my trip plus tips:

  • Stayed at funky hostel in Sliema with young crowd
  • Toured Valletta museums, churches, gardens all day
  • Took day trips to Mdina, Gozo, and walked safely after-hours
  • Swam at Golden Bay, no harassment issues on beach
  • Did pub crawls organized by hostel with big groups
  • Met friendly British tourists at hotel bar one night to go dancing
  • Only sketchy moment was local guys lingering outside Paceville bars but went by quickly

My Essential Safety Tips

  • Stick to recommended restaurants/bars – don’t wander down dark side streets
  • Always keep enough cash for taxi back to hotel
  • If drinking, stay with a group and watch your drink
  • Scope out local women – if they seem comfortable you likely will be too
  • Don’t walk alone late at night, but Malta very safe during day

While everywhere has some risk, Malta checks all the boxes for safety as a solo female traveler destination. With proper precautions, it makes for an amazing trip with endless things to do!

Things You Know Before Visiting Malta

Capital City: Valletta 

Local Taxi app: eCabs

Public Transportation: Malta has good transportation service, especially in tourist areas.

Language: Maltese

World Heritage Sites: There are 3 heritage site in Malta according to UNSECO

Is Malta Solo Female Traveler Friendly?

In summary, Malta provides a very welcoming, low risk destination for solo female travelers. Safety should not deter you visiting Malta and enjoying everything this sunny Mediterranean archipelago has to offer.

Here are key reasons Malta ranks highly as a solo female friendly destination:

  • Very low violent crime and risks to tourists
  • Excellent security infrastructure and police presence
  • Friendly, hospitable local culture
  • Modern amenities like street lighting, transportation
  • Easy to meet other travelers to explore with
  • Abundant activities catering specifically to solo visitors

By taking basic precautions that you would anywhere (being aware of surroundings, researching areas, sticking to main streets at night, etc. and using common sense, Malta promises an incredible solo female travel experience.

Don’t let fears hold you back from a memorable trip. Now that you know Malta is safe, start planning your Maltese adventure today!