Is Slovenia Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Slovenia is a gorgeous European country tucked away in the Alps between Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. With medieval castles, stunning lake vistas, and charming countryside villages, it’s quickly emerging as a trendy destination for solo travelers.

But the big question is – just how safe is Slovenia for solo female travellers?

The answer is Slovenia is very safe for solo female travelers. While no place is completely immune from crime, Slovenia has low crime rates, great infrastructure, and many safe cities to explore on your own.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give solo female travelers an honest look at safety in Slovenia.

Let’s dive in!

Is Slovenia Safe For Solo Female Travellers? Crime, Scams and Dangers

Slovenia is one of the safest countries in Europe for solo travelers. Violent crime is rare, and crimes against tourists are unusual. Most trips to Slovenia go off without any safety issues. Here are the main things to know:

Violent Crime is Very Rare

Unlike some European cities, violent crime like murder, rape, kidnapping and assault are extremely uncommon in Slovenia. Muggings and armed robberies targeting tourists are nearly unheard of. Most crimes tend to be non-violent.

Petty Theft Exists

Like any popular tourist destination, pickpocketing and other petty theft does sometimes occur, especially in crowded areas.

But violent confrontations during thefts are very rare. Use common sense precautions like not carrying too much cash and securing valuables.

Scams Targeting Tourists are Uncommon

Taxi scams, money exchange scams, and tourist destination scams are not common in Slovenia. Cases of locals blatantly targeting foreigners are extremely rare compared to many destinations.

Slovenia Has Low Reports of Sexual Harassment

Solo female travelers are unlikely to experience catcalling, groping or other sexual harassment. This makes Slovenia stand out as a more progressive destination.

Police Presence Keeps Things Safe

Slovenia has a visible police presence in cities. This deters criminals from targeting tourists. Emergency services are quick to respond.

Strict Gun Laws Reduce Violent Crime

Slovenia has strict gun laws that limit firearm circulation. This directly contributes to lower homicide rates compared to countries with lax laws.

Safe for Solo Women to Walk Around

In cities like Ljubljana and Maribor, it’s generally safe for solo female travelers to walk alone during the day and night compared to other European capitals with higher crime.

Practice normal awareness of surroundings after dark in less populated areas.

So in summary Slovenia is a very safe country! With common sense solo travel precautions, most trips are trouble-free.

Things You Know Before Visiting Solvenia

Capital City: Ljubljana

Local Taxi app: Yalla, Bolt

Public Transportation: Good and Cheap

Language: National and most spoken language is Slovenian

Famous Festival: Ljubljana Festival

World Heritage Sites: There are 5 heritage site in spain according to UNSECO

Safest Cities for Solo Female Travelers in Slovenia

All of Slovenia is quite safe, but some cities stand out for solo female travelers. Here are great places to start your travels:


As the capital and largest city, Ljubljana has excellent tourist infrastructure, pedestrian safety measures, and police presence – making it very safe to explore solo. Avoid the train station area at night.

Lake Bled

This stunning Alpine lake town has low crime, walkable streets, and is so small that it feels extra secure. Stay near the lake or in Bled proper, not isolated outskirts.


Slovenia’s second largest city, Maribor has a small-town ambiance, calmly flowing riverfront, and student vibe that make wandering its streets pleasantly safe.


On the Adriatic coast, this quaint historic town centered around Tartini Square is very safe and pedestrian friendly. The streets empty around midnight.


A walled coastal city near Italy, Koper is a beautiful and extremely safe place for solo female travelers. Exercise more caution in the port area.

Is Slovenia Safe for Solo Female Travelers? Final Thoughts

Most solo female travelers have no safety issues visiting Slovenia and highly recommend it as a destination. If you use common sense, stick to populated areas, and avoid taking risks alone, you’ll have an incredible time exploring Slovenia’s natural beauty and culture on your own.