Is Spain Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, attracting over 80 million visitors every year with its vibrant cities, stunning beaches, lively nightlife, fascinating history and mouthwatering cuisine.

As a solo female traveler, you may be wondering “is Spain safe to visit on your own?”

The short answer is yes – Spain is generally very safe for women traveling solo, but it’s smart to take normal safety precautions. Low crime rate and having rule of law makes spain safe for women

In my own experience, I found the Spanish people to be respectful and helpful, which contributed to a sense of safety during my spain solo travels.

How much spain is safe for solo women travelers?

Currently spain is ranked on 15th position on solo female travel safety index and has 8/10 female safety score.

These are the factors behind this women safety score.

Spain Global Peace Index Rating1.649
Female Homicide Victims0.5
Women Inclusion, justice and Security0.859
Women who feel Safe Walking Alone At night78%
Safety Index Score Numbero66.13
Attitude towards violence against women9.6%
Laws on Domestic violence0.5
Women who have experienced violence13%
Societal Safety and Security Score1.81

Spain Safety Reviews:

Below are the two reviews of solo traveler which are totally unbiased.

Name:  Ava      Age: 35:      Citizen: American      Travel Type: Solo Female

Last year, I visited spain to enjoy La Tomatina festival which was held in Bunol.It was my 7 day trip and I was enjoyed it alot. As a solo female traveler, I can say that It was my safe and worry free tour.
Name:  Evelyn      Age: 24:      Citizen: America      Travel Type: Solo Female

In March 2023 to July 2023, I spent my 5 years in Madrid spain for an international intership program. It was my first long stay in spain. I have good experience with public transportation, spanish foods and Barcelona nigh life.

Things you know Before Visiting Spain

Capital City: Madrid

Local Taxi app: Cabify, FreeNow, Bolt, Bla Bla Car, PideTaxi, My Taxi, Uber.

Public Transportation: Good and Cheap

Language: National and most spoken language is spanish

Famous Festivals: Fallas fiesta, Tomatina festival, San Fermín festival, Carnival celebrations

World Heritage Sites: There are 50 heritage site in spain according to UNSECO

Basic Spanish Language words/Phrases:

  • Hola (Hello)
  • Adios (Goodbye)
  • Gracias (Thank you)
  • Por favor (Please)
  • Si (Yes)
  • Niña (Girl)
  • Niño (Boy)
  • Hombre (Man)
  • Mujer (Woman)
  • Claro (Of course)
  • No (No)

Moreover, you learn some basic spanish using doulingo app or anyother app.

Currency: Euro

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