Solo Female Travel Guide To Milan

Have you been dreaming of taking a solo trip to Italy, but aren’t sure if Milan is the right destination for your first time traveling alone abroad? As an underrated Italian city, Milan offers the perfect mix of culture, cuisine, fashion and nightlife for a memorable visit.

But is Milan safe for solo female travelers, and what are the top things to do alone in this stylish metropolis?

The short answer is yes – Milan is an incredibly safe city for solo female travelers who use common sense. There are endless attractions and neighborhoods to explore during the day, along with vibrant nightlife and shopping. With proper precautions, Milan offers female travelers a world-class Italian getaway.

In this comprehensive Milan guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know to plan your solo female trip to Milan.

We’ll cover safety tips, the top things to experience, budget advice, where to stay, getting around, and more.

Let’s explore this dynamic Italian city!

Solo Female Travel Guide To Milan

As Italy’s financial powerhouse and fashion capital, Milan offers a unique vibe different from popular tourist destinations like Rome or Venice. Milan blends history, culture, cuisine, and prestige into one sophisticated metropolis ideal for solo exploration.

Beyond its reputation for finance and fashion, Milan has many underrated attractions. Marvel at the remarkable Duomo di Milano, browse world-class art collections, and stroll through elegant pedestrian zones and parks.

Experience Milanese aperitivo culture at trendy cafes and lounges. Milan has fantastic shopping, an emerging foodie scene, and energetic nightlife – often at lower prices than other major Italian cities.

Though not as heavily touristed, Milan is quite accustomed to foreign visitors. Most locals speak English, especially in tourist areas.

The city is modern, spotlessly clean, and easy to navigate with a user-friendly metro system. While Milan has some petty crimes like pickpocketing, violent crime is rare.

Milan is a walkable city, making it pleasant to explore solo. And Italians are social, so don’t be afraid to chat with locals as you take in the sights.

With an adventurous spirit and sensible precautions, Milan is waiting to dazzle.

Is Milan Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Safety is often the biggest concern for women traveling alone. You can breathe a sigh of relief, Milan is an extremely safe city for solo female travelers who take basic precautions.

Violent crime is rare, even in larger cities like Milan. Petty crimes do occur, especially pickpocketing on public transit and tourist hotspots. But violent attacks are highly unlikely. Locals describe Milan as very secure compared to other large European cities.

Transportation Safety in Milan

Public transportation in Milan is very safe, even at night. The metro system is modern, clean, and secure. Trams and buses also have a strong safety record.

Avoid unlicensed taxis that haven’t been called. Only take registered taxis with visible information inside. Hotels and restaurants will call certified taxis upon request. Don’t take taxis that approach you directly at train stations.

While less regulated, reputable ride shares like Uber are generally safe. Read recent reviews and ratings before booking. Share your trip details with friends.

At train stations, don’t linger at night especially alone. Have your ticket ready and watch your belongings. Busy stations like Milano Centrale have police presence, which deters crime.

Milan Neighborhood Safety

Central neighborhoods in Milan’s historic core are very safe, including the Duomo, Quadrilatero della Moda, Brera, and Navigli districts. This is where most attractions, shopping, hotels and nightlife are found. Use caution after dark, but violent crime is extremely rare.

Corso Buenos Aires is Milan’s busy shopping street. It’s quite safe, but be alert for pickpockets around the Porta Venezia metro stop. The Chinatown area near Paolo Sarpi Street is also very safe.

Southern neighborhoods like Loreto and NoLo are up and coming with artsy vibes. Exercise some caution at night, but these are still safe areas.

Milan’s outer neighborhoods and suburbs have minimal violent crime, but greater risk of petty theft. Stick to busier streets if exploring these areas. The train stations of Cadorna and Garibaldi can attract shadier elements at night.

Top Things to Do Alone in Milan

Once you establish Milan is safe, it’s time to start planning your itinerary. With world-class sightseeing, museums, shopping, cafes, and more, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Here are the top things to experience in Milan as a solo female traveler:

Marvel at the Duomo

No trip to Milan is complete without visiting the magnificent Duomo di Milano. This ornate Gothic cathedral took nearly 500 years to complete, with 135 spires and over 3000 statues! Buy a skip-the-line ticket and take the stairs or elevator up for panoramic views. Don’t miss the Treasury with religious artifacts and artwork. Go early or late in the day to avoid crowds.

See Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”

Leonardo da Vinci’s mural “The Last Supper” is one of Italy’s most iconic works of art. Advance booking is required to view the fragile mural for just 15 minutes. Make the most of your slot seeing the brilliant details up close. Audio guides provide insight into the Biblical imagery and Da Vinci’s techniques.

Stroll Through Castle Sforzesco

Right in the heart of Milan, this 15th century fortress houses museums, statues, fountains, and gardens for an oasis from the bustling city. The on-site Museo d’Arte Antica has Michelangelo’s final sculpture. People watch and admire the architecture in the sprawling Parco Sempione behind the castle.

Tour the Opera at La Scala

Even if you can’t catch an opera, tour the opulent La Scala opera house to glimpse its ornate interior. The on-site Museo Teatrale alla Scala chronicles Italian opera history with artifacts, paintings, costumes and memorabilia. Time your visit around noon to hear the musicians rehearsing.

Browse the Brera District

Milan’s bohemian district dazzles with trendy boutiques, indie galleries, and chic cafes. Thursday and Saturday bring vibrant street markets. Don’t miss Pinacoteca di Brera’s art collection including Raphael and Caravaggio. Unwind at a bar on the hip pedestrian streets for prime people watching.

See Futuristic Art at Pirelli HangarBicocca

This contemporary art space housed in a former factory has rotating exhibits with cutting-edge installations. The sprawling warehouse allows immersive art. Frequent solo female travelers cite Pirelli HangarBicocca as a top Milan activity. Check their calendar before visiting. Admission is free.

Take Cooking and Craft Classes

For a hands-on Italian experience, book a small group or private cooking class to learn traditional recipes. Or take a craft workshop specializing in leather, mosaics, paper marbling or jewelry making. Taste Italy Food Tours has outdoor markets tours combined with cooking classes.

Do a Street Art Tour

Milan boasts vibrant street art, often with political and social justice themes. Take a guided walking tour to understand the context behind the graffiti art and murals. Tour Republic runs street art tours in emerging neighborhoods like Ortica and Quintosole.

Explore Milan by Bike

See a different side of Milan by bike. Cycle through the city parks and along the Naviglio canals. Many companies like Bicicletteria rent bikes and offer guided tours. Stick to dedicated bike paths and avoid busy areas until you’re comfortable cycling in Milan.

Take a Day Trip to Lake Como

Just an hour from Milan, stunning Lake Como makes for an easy and refreshing day trip. Ride the ferry to waterside villages. Climb the funicular for panoramic views. While busier in summer, Lake Como offers natural serenity and jaw-dropping scenery any time of year.

Milan Nightlife Guide for Solo Females

From lively aperitivo scenes to glitzy rooftop cocktails, Milan dazzles after dark. While safer than in many cities, take some common sense solo nightlife precautions. Pre-game at your hotel and share a taxi to and from clubs.

Don’t drink too much to stay alert. Avoid poorly lit back-streets at night.

The Navigli canal district has Milan’s top nightlife scene with countless bars and pubs. Brera and Corso Como also have trendy options. For high-end nightclubs, head to Porta Nuova or Armani’s exclusive Club A in the Quadrilatero fashion district.

If not comfortable at nightclubs alone, opt for chill wine bars and craft cocktail lounges. There’s fantastic people watching potential from bars overlooking the Duomo, Castello Sforzesco or Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Try aperitivo hours from 6 to 9pm for better value drinks and free appetizers with each drink order – a budget way to try Milan’s cuisine. Locals dress up more for nightlife than daytime. Avoid overly revealing or flashy clothing at nicer locales.

Is Milan Expensive? Budget Travel Tips

With its reputation for prestige and fashion, you may be wondering – how expensive is Milan? In short, visiting Milan can be affordable with proper planning.

Yes, costs add up quickly from accommodation, dining, and shopping if you splurge. But sticking to free and budget-friendly attractions along with public transportation makes Milan accessible.

Here are some ways to experience Milan without breaking the bank as a solo female traveler:


  • Book Airbnbs or budget hotels outside the city center which are far cheaper. Prioritize safety first when choosing where to stay.
  • Look for hotels or hostels with free breakfast to save on a meal.
  • Consider hostel dorms or private rooms to save costs while meeting other travelers.


  • Take advantage of Italy’s aperitivo culture from 6-9pm for discounted drinks and free bar snacks. Make this your dinner!
  • Get pizza al taglio, arancini, and other street snacks instead of restaurant meals.
  • Grocery shop at local markets like Mercato Metropolitano to self-cater cheaper meals.
  • Fill up on free carb-loaded bread baskets at restaurants before pricier main dishes.
  • Enjoy free food samples at Eataly food hall.


  • Visit free museums and attractions like Pirelli HangarBicocca, Parco Sempione, and Santa Maria delle Grazie church.
  • See churches, piazzas, and historic architecture for free just by walking around.
  • Buy discounted combo tickets to save on multiple paid attractions like the Duomo terraces and Museo Teatrale alla Scala.
  • Don’t pay for walking tours – do free self-guided tours instead.


  • Walk as much as possible around central Milan. Many top sights are walkable.
  • Get a 48 or 72 hour metro pass to save compared to single tickets.
  • Use buses and trams covered by metro passes to maximize value.

Avoiding tourist traps and eating at hole-in-the-wall spots goes a long way in Milan. With planning, you can enjoy world-class Italian culture here without overspending.

Top Neighborhoods to Stay in For Solo Female Travelers

Choosing the right neighborhood in Milan ensures safety and convenience during your solo trip. Luckily, most top attractions fall within the historic city center. Ideal areas to stay include:

Duomo District – Surrounding Milan’s grand cathedral, this central area puts you steps from major sights. It’s busy with tourist foot traffic, making it very safe for solo travelers. Luxury hotels abound, but budget Airbnbs can be found.

Quadrilatero della Moda – For shopping-focused trips, stay in the high-end fashion district. People watching is superb at the swanky cafes and bars. The area feels safe, but avoid late nights here.

Navigli – Centered around Milan’s scenic canals, Navigli has boho vibes with plenty of nightlife. The charming pedestrian streets feel secure for solo female travelers. Vibrant at night but quieter during the day.

Porta Garibaldi – North of the train station, this newer neighborhood has skyscrapers housing hotels, restaurants, and clubs. It’s very central and well-lit at night but avoid the train station area after dark.

Brera – Milan’s artsy district has winding alleyways and a youthful energy. Close to major sights, Brera feels safe with lots of pedestrians and a strong nightlife scene. Budget lodging options are limited.

Moscova – Between Duomo and Brera, this district features the slow-paced Via della Spiga shopping street. Moscova is central and safe for solo travelers but accommodation leans higher-end.

Avoid staying right by Milano Centrale train station, as the area can get sketchy at night. Prioritize safety in your lodging choice.

Getting Around Milan

Milan is very walkable with pedestrian zones around top landmarks and attractions in the historic center. But the metro, trams, buses, and taxis help you cover greater distances.

The metro system is modern, efficient, and quite simple to navigate. Lines 1 (red) and 3 (yellow) cover most tourist sights. Line 2 (green) reaches farther flung areas. Trains run frequently and stop between 6am and midnight.

Trams and buses run regularly and are included if you buy metro passes. Tickets can be purchased at metro stations, newsstands, or tobacco shops. Validate your ticket when you board.

Google Maps works well for route planning and navigation using public transit in Milan. The Moovit app also provides real-time transit data.

Taxis should be called or booked from a taxi stand – don’t take ones that directly approach you. Reputable companies include Autonoleggio Pini and Taxiblu. Uber also operates in Milan. Ask your hotel to call you a cab at night.

Walking is the easiest and often fastest way to get around Milan’s historic core. But don’t wander into poorly lit areas at night alone – stick to busier pedestrian zones.

What to Pack for Milan

Milan’s a hub of high fashion, so put a little effort into looking stylish as a visitor. Here are some tips on what to wear and pack as a solo female traveler:

Year Round

  • Comfortable walking shoes – sneakers or loafers will get you through sightseeing and nightlife
  • A compact umbrella – Milan gets its fair share of rain
  • Crossbody purse for safety while sightseeing
  • Universal adapter and portable charger

Winter (November-March)

  • Warm coat that goes past your hips, ideally wool (locals love long puffer coats too)
  • Knit scarf, hat, and gloves
  • Layers like sweaters, thermals, and fleece
  • Waterproof boots with grip for snow/rain

Summer (June-August)

  • Light cardigans and blazers for air-conditioned indoor spaces
  • Trendy sunglasses – cat eye shades are iconic in Milan
  • Summer dress or midi skirt for daytime sightseeing
  • One nice outfit for rooftop bars and evening dinners
  • Sturdy sandals that work for walking all day

While Milan has high fashion, you’ll also see many locals in jeans during the day. Avoid showing too much skin unless you’re going to clubs. Be prepared for cooler weather in the shoulder seasons. With versatile stylish staples, you’ll fit right in.

Final Tips for an Incredible Solo Female Trip to Milan

Forget the crowds of Italy’s big tourist cities. Milan offers history, art, architecture, shopping, and nightlife in a less overwhelming environment.

Exploring Italy’s underrated northern city solo gives you the freedom to follow your own passions and interests at your own pace.

The main concerns of safety, navigating public transit, budgeting, and choosing the right neighborhood all have clear solutions with proper preparation. Trust your instincts, avoid isolated areas at night, and remain alert in crowds. But don’t let fear hold you back from Milan’s treasures. This cultured metropolis was made for solo female travelers.

Have the best trip with these final tips:

  • Learn basic Italian phrases. Locals appreciate the effort.
  • Pack half the clothes you think you need to travel light. Bring layers.
  • Get lost wandering Milan’s pedestrian zones – no map required.
  • Talk to other women at your hostel or hotel for nightlife companions.
  • Try lesser-known northern Italian foods like polenta and risotto.
  • Don’t be afraid to eat alone and make new friends at bars or food halls.

Now that you know Milan is safe and full of incredible sights, your solo female Italian adventure awaits!

What will be the highlight of your memorable trip – nightlife, museums, shopping, or just soaking in la dolce vita? With an open mind and sensible precautions, Milan will exceed your expectations.

Let me know if you have any other questions