Solo Female Travel Guide to Prague

Prague is a magical city with fairy tale architecture, colorful baroque buildings, medieval charm, and lively nightlife.

For many women travelers, it’s high on their bucket list of must-visit European destinations.

But is Prague really safe for solo female travelers? Can women fully enjoy Prague alone?

The short answer is yes – Prague is an incredibly safe, easy, and fun city to visit solo as a female traveler if you take some basic precautions.

In this extensive solo female travel guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to have an amazing time in Prague by yourself, including:

  • Breaking down if Prague is safe for women and common safety tips
  • The best areas to stay in as a solo female
  • How to get around Prague safely and affordably
  • Fun ways to meet other travelers as a woman alone
  • Experiencing Prague’s famous nightlife solo
  • Awesome day trips to take from Prague alone
  • Helpful FAQs on solo female travel in Prague
  • And much more!

By the end of this Prague travel guide for solo females, you’ll feel empowered and excited to plan your own unforgettable women-only getaway to the Czech capital. Let’s get started!

Is Prague Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

The top question on any solo female traveler’s mind is usually “but is this city actually safe?” It’s an important concern, especially when visiting a foreign place for the first time on your own.

So let’s first talk about safety in Prague for women traveling alone.

Overall, Prague is generally very safe for solo women. Violent crime is rare, most locals are extremely helpful and friendly towards tourists, and you can comfortably walk around even at night in most central areas without problems.

However, as with any big bustling European city, it’s always smart to take some common sense safety precautions as a woman traveling on your own.

While public harassment of women does sometimes occur in Prague, it is not very common. Being firm and simply walking away is usually enough. Group harassment is very rare.

Compared to other European capitals, Prague is known for having low violent crime rates while still being incredibly scenic and historic.

If you use good judgment and follow basic safety tips, you can comfortably and safely navigate solo without too much hassle.

Top Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone in Prague

To make sure your solo trip goes smoothly, here are my top 14 safety tips for women to follow in Prague:

1. Use a Crossbody Bag

A crossbody purse or small anti-theft backpack is much more secure than a regular purse or tote bag. Keep your bag in front of you at all times with valuables stored inside inner zippered pockets.

2. Avoid Desolate Areas at Night

Prague is very safe, but it still pays to be cautious at night. Stick to busier neighborhoods and well-lit major streets after dark. Avoid poorly lit parks, underpasses, empty side streets, etc.

3. Research Good Areas Beforehand

Do some quick Google searches when booking accommodations to make sure the neighborhood is generally safe for solo female travelers, even if it’s cheap. Look for recent reviews mentioning safety.

4. Have Your Accommodation Address Handy

Keep your hotel or AirBnb address handy. That way if you do get lost or separated from friends, you can easily show a taxi driver where you need to go.

5. Use Registered Taxi or Rideshare Services

Only get in marked, registered taxis or use Uber/Bolt apps. This ensures passengers are tracked for safety. Don’t take unmarked cabs that approach you on the street.

6. Avoid Getting Too Drunk

It’s easy to overindulge at Prague’s lively bars, but stay sober enough to be alert and make sensible decisions. Especially when out partying solo, don’t let your guard down.

7. Use the “Meeting Friends” Tactic

If a taxi or Uber driver creeps you out, pretend you’re meeting friends at your destination. This makes you seem less vulnerable traveling alone.

8. Trust Your Instincts

If someone you meet makes you feel unsafe, trust your gut and remove yourself from the situation immediately. Don’t worry about seeming impolite for leaving quickly.

9. Keep Your Hotel Address on Hand

Carry your hotel/hostel address on you when going out at night in case you lose your bearings and need to show a taxi where you’re staying.

10. Avoid Getting Too Drunk

It’s tempting to overdo it at Prague’s lively bars, but stay sober enough out partying alone to make smart choices. Don’t let your guard down.

11. Take Registered Taxis Home Late at Night

Never walk home alone intoxicated at night, even short distances. Always take a taxi or Uber for safety reasons.

12. Learn Basic Czech Safety Phrases

Memorize key Czech safety phrases like “Help!” and “Call the police” in case of an emergency.

13. Set Check-In Times with Friends

Tell a trusted friend your plans and set up occasional check-in times. That way if something goes wrong, they can notify authorities.

14. Trust Your Intuition!

If a person or situation makes you feel uneasy, trust your gut instinct and leave immediately. Don’t worry about being polite. Just go.

Following these common sense solo female safety tips will give you peace of mind so you can fully immerse yourself in the magic of Prague worry-free!

Best Areas to Stay in Prague for Solo Female Travelers

One key decision when planning your solo Prague getaway is choosing where to stay.

The city’s neighborhoods each have distinct vibes, so it’s important to pick the right area for your needs as a lone female traveler.

The best areas for solo women are centrally located, safe, walkable, and have easy transport access to the rest of the city.

Based on those criteria, here are my top recommendations for where to stay in Prague as a solo female traveler:

Old Town (Staré Město)

Prague’s picturesque Old Town is located right in the heart of the city’s historic center. This is the area surrounding the stunning Old Town Square, with attractions like the Astronomical Clock, Gothic churches, and the Jan Hus Memorial.

Old Town’s central location, abundance of tourist facilities, and walkability make it a favorite neighborhood for lone female travelers. You’ll be steps from the main sights!

The area feels very safe even at night since it’s constantly bustling with fellow travelers. Just be on guard for pickpockets in the crowded square.

Malá Strana

Stunning Malá Strana, also called the “Lesser Town”, sits on the west bank of the Vltava River beneath Prague Castle.

Its Baroque architecture, quaint side streets, and local character give it a more intimate small town feel compared to Old Town’s bustle.

This is a great area for solo female travelers who want to stay in a less touristy setting with tons of traditional Czech charm. It has better prices than the main center but is still very central.

You’re also right near scenic spots like Charles Bridge and Petřín Hill’s famed views.

Josefov (The Jewish Quarter)

Josefov is the historic Jewish Quarter of Prague located between Old Town and the river.

It makes for an ideal base with its proximity to Old Town Square along with key sites like the Old Jewish Cemetery and Old-New Synagogue.

The neighborhood has some wonderful preserved medieval architecture but is much calmer and more residential than Old Town itself. However, it’s still an easy walk there.

Josefov feels low key while staying central. The streets are very walkable which is perfect for solo female travelers.

New Town (Nové Město)

Prague’s Nové Město (“New Town”) has attractive broad tree-lined avenues with beautiful Art Nouveau building facades.

Compared to Old Town’s narrow mazes, New Town’s orderly grid street design has a more open, spacious feeling.

This is a great area for lone female travelers who want to stay in livelier local neighborhoods away from the intense tourist crowds but still close to attractions. It has tons of shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment options.


Vyšehrad is a lesser known neighborhood home to Prague’s other castle with stunning views over the city.

Staying here puts you in a charming residential area away from the tourist swarms but still close to transit links to reach all the main sights.

It has a village-like vibe that makes for a relaxed, low key base for solo travelers who want calmer accommodations away from the action but walkable to attractions like nearby Vyšehrad Gardens.


Just a short walk from central Prague, Vinohrady is a posh residential district known for its chic cafes, leafy streets, and vibrant foodie scene.

As a solo female traveler, Vinohrady is a great alternative to staying directly in the crowded city center while remaining close and well-connected by transit.

The beautiful Art Nouveau architecture provides a scenic backdrop for long strolls around the neighborhood. It feels very safe even at night.

Getting Around Prague as a Woman Traveling Alone

Once you’ve picked where to stay, the next decision is how to get around this beautiful city.

As a solo female traveler, you’ll want to stick to transportation options that are safe and easily accessible.

Here are my top tips for getting around Prague by yourself as a woman:


There’s no better way to experience charming Prague than to explore by foot! The main sites in neighborhoods like Old Town, Malá Strana, and Josefov are very close together and easily walkable.

For safety, stick to well-lit major streets at night. Having a good offline map app helps avoid getting lost down deserted alleyways.


Uber and Bolt (the European version) are very popular, affordable ways to get around Prague. The rates are much cheaper than taxis.

As a solo woman, this is much safer than hailing a random cab on the street since each ride is tracked. Just double check the license plate and driver photo match before getting in.

Public Transit

Prague’s trams, buses, and metro system are convenient and easy ways to reach farther flung districts. Buy tickets at stations ahead of time or use a mobile pass.

The transit system is very safe, even at night. Just be alert as usual for pickpockets, especially on crowded trams and in the metro. Sit near groups of other women when possible.

Airport Transfers

Don’t take your chances with random cabs from the airport. Pre-book a shuttle service or airport taxi to get to your hotel upon arrival for safety and ease.

Companies like AAA Taxi and Prague Airport Transfers have reliable drivers and provide peace of mind when traveling alone.


Biking is a popular way to see Prague, but use caution – the traffic can be chaotic, lanes poorly marked, and pedestrians unpredictable.

If biking, consider an organized bike tour so you’re not navigating the streets alone as a tourist.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk tuks are fun three-wheeled open air vehicles for short joy rides around town. Agree on rates first and use common sense after dark as a solo woman.

Great Activities to Meet Other Travelers in Prague

One amazing aspect about solo travel is all the new people you can meet from around the world!

Prague is full of great activities and places to mingle and make new friends as a lone female traveler. Here are some top recommendations:

Join Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours that cover the main sights are perfect for getting your bearings in Prague while meeting fellow travelers. Most meet in Old Town Square and last 2-3 hours.

Stay at Social Hostels

Hostels like Madhouse offer communal bar areas, organized activities like family dinners and pub crawls, and shared dorms that make it easy to meet others.

Go On a Pub Crawl

Joining a rowdy pub crawl taking you to various lively bars and nightclubs is a classic way to meet people while partying in Prague.

Take Local Cooking Classes

Cooking classes like those at Taste of Prague are fun ways to meet travelers who share your foodie passions while learning to prepare Czech dishes.

Relax at Quirky Cafes

Unique cafes like Cafe Lajka have community bulletin boards and a relaxed vibe perfect for striking up conversations with strangers from around the world.

Attend Couchsurfing Meetups

Use the Couchsurfing app to join free local events and meetups happening around Prague to mingle with fellow travelers and locals.

Sign Up For Food Tours

Small group food tours that take you to tastings at various restaurants are tasty ways to make friends. Try tours like Eating Prague or Taste of Prague.

Experiencing the Nightlife in Prague Solo

Prague’s nightlife scene is world famous for its wild bars, buzzing nightclubs, delicious beers, and absurdly cheap drinks.

But is it safe for women to experience it alone?

While Prague’s nightlife is extremely lively, there are some important safety tips for solo women to keep in mind:

  • Join organized pub crawls or go out with new friends from your hostel to avoid isolated clubs/bars. Solo women should not go to unfamiliar venues alone.
  • Avoid poorly lit, dingy establishments off the main tourist track. Stick to busier nightlife areas like New Town or packed expat bars.
  • Beware of drinks being spiked at clubs and don’t leave yours unattended. Watch bartenders pour.
  • If drinking alone, be cautious chatting with new acquaintances and don’t isolate yourself. Stay in public areas.
  • Avoid wandering alone in deserted areas at night. Take a taxi even short distances for safety.
  • Don’t get wasted drunk! It’s easy with Prague’s cheap beers. Stay sober enough to make good choices.
  • Always have a way to get home – via taxi, rideshare, or trusted friends. Don’t try walking long distances after dark intoxicated.
  • Carry the address and phone of your accommodation when going out solo in case you need help getting back.

With the right dose of solo female traveler’s caution, Prague’s nightlife can be an amazing experience! Pro tip: try fun expat bars in New Town like The Drunken Monkey.

Best Day Trips from Prague for Solo Females

Prague makes an ideal base for solo female travelers with its central location and great transit links to awesome nearby destinations across Bohemia and beyond.

Many travelers just visit Prague itself, but the city definitely doesn’t have to be your only stop with all these amazing day trips!

Here are my top recommendations of great day trips from Prague for women traveling alone:

Kutná Hora

This medieval city just 1 hour from Prague by train makes an easy and rewarding day trip.

Kutná Hora’s main draw is the eerie Sedlec Ossuary bone church, as well as the creepy medieval silver mines.

There’s also gorgeous Czech Gothic architecture at St. Barbara’s Cathedral. Go early in the day so you’re back in Prague well before nightfall.

Karlštejn Castle

This fairy tale 14th century Gothic castle is just 30 minutes away from Prague by local train.

Wandering the tower rooms and chapel at Karlštejn is like stepping back in time. The surrounding forested hills have great short hikes offering panoramic views over the castle.

It’s very easy to visit on your own from Prague as a day trip by public transit.

Konopiště Chateau

History buffs will love touring Konopiště Chateau, an impressive castle located about 50 minutes from Prague via train and bus.

It has amazing interiors, expansive gardens, and was once home to Archduke Franz Ferdinand. You can easily visit solo in a day since transit links are direct.


Located just over an hour north of Prague, Terezin is a moving Holocaust memorial and former concentration camp that makes an impactful day trip.

You can join guided tours here to learn about its somber WWII history. Transit connections are direct and frequent.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park

Stunning Bohemian Switzerland National Park makes for an unforgettable day trip from Prague to see its soaring sandstone rock formations while hiking.

It’s doable as a solo day trip via organized shuttle bus transport from Prague to avoid complicated logistics.

Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov is the perfect fairy tale medieval riverside town, located 2.5 hours south of Prague.

It’s definitely worth an overnight stay, but if time is short it can be done as a long solo day trip.

The direct bus ride from Prague takes just under 3 hours each way. Wander the castle, old town square, riverside, and gardens.

No matter which enticing destination above you choose, make sure to plan your transportation and accommodations ahead as a solo woman. Check bus/train times for early returns to Prague before dark. Stick to public